Fine Quality Log, Timber & Driftwood Furnishings

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Wood Merchant Gallery

decorative accents, mantels,  railings, structural accents  bars, bistro tables, counter tops log beds & headboards, timber frame beds & headboards, tree headboards 
armoires, chests, dressers, entertainment centers, nightstands, wall units altar, baptismal, chairs, doors, pulpit, sanctuary cross, server's bench coffee tables, end tables, two- level display tables
conference tables, desks, dining tables, game tables entry tables, lamp tables, sofa tables clocks, floor lamps, mirrors, oil lamps, table lamps
Branson Landing Logs, other logs, raw material collection how it's done, sawing the big ones benches, cue stands, custom chairs, display stands, shelf units, sofas, etc.

NOTICE:  Photographs are representative only.  Due to the unique characteristics of the materials used and the hand-made production methods, there will be slight differences between similar style furnishings.  Most of the photographs in the Gallery are of pieces that were custom created for individual clients.  Prices shown are for reference only and are based on many factors including cost of labor and materials to create each piece and the unique characteristics and relative appeal of the materials used.