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Log and Raw Material Gallery

The Wood Merchant is Creating New Life from Salvaged Old Growth Timbers.

Branson Landing Logs- Site Photos 

photos of logs being cleared and "bucked" into lengths for hauling

Branson Landing Logs- Log Hauling Photos

photos of logs being loaded via "picker" trucks and hauled to the Wood Merchant Design Studio and unloaded for storage and processing

Branson Landing Logs- Storage Yard Photos

photos of logs in the front storage yard of the Wood Merchant Design Studio


"The Liberty Tree"- Site, Hauling and Storage Yard Photos

photo journal of the felling, hauling and storage of "The Liberty Tree"


Living Faith Church Sycamore Tree- Site Photos

site photos of the milling and handling of this massive sycamore tree

Salvaged Wood- Collection Photos

photos of various collected raw materials including dead-fall and driftwood

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