Branson Landing Logs Storage Yard Photos

With the hauling completed, the logs would be stored in the front yard at our Design Studio.  We typically allow the logs to season for about one year before milling begins.  This allows some of the species of the trees to begin to spault.  The spaulting is caused by fungus decay, which is desired in our type of work because of the character and coloration that it gives the wood.

The majority of the one acre front storage yard is covered with the 175 to 200 log sections hauled from the Branson Landing site.  We placed the logs in double rows no more than two logs high to allow us to better handle the logs with our rough terrain fork lift.  This layout also allows us to choose the order in which we prefer to mill the logs without sorting through piles.

More information on the milling process for the larger logs can be found in the Sawing & Processing Gallery.

Below are a few select photos of the logs in the storage yard.  Each photo has a short description or comment.

A progress photo of the logs being stored in the front yard.  Approximately half of the logs are present in this photo. A photo of all of the logs.  The photo does not give a true scale.  The building in the background (the Design Studio) measures 72 feet across the front.


A different perspective of the yard showing one of the sycamores staged for milling in the left foreground.  This is the same log we are milling on the front page of the Springfield News Leader on September 28, 2004; Crafting a Slab of Branson's History. An ocean of logs.  The logs as they are seen from the Design Studio looking out over the storage yard.
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