Salvaged Wood Collection Photos

The collection and transformation of salvaged wood is the basis for this business.  With the constant expansion of development in the area, there are more opportunities for salvaging of trees and deadfall than ever before.  We take wood that would normally be bull dozed into piles, burned or left to rot and make it into something beautiful or functional for the home or office. 

Most of our collection is a result of research into where and when certain commercial or housing developments will occur, especially those developments found around the area lakes.  Many of these developments are built in the juniper and cedar groves from which we collect the majority of the driftwood style bases for our one of a kind furnishings.  The ash juniper and glade cedar that we use are found only in a few counties located in southern Missouri along the banks and bluffs of the White River Valley.  The White River has been dammed along much of its length to create the present chain of lakes, including Beaver, Table Rock, Taneycomo and Bull Shoals.  As a result of development, approximately 25 to 30% of our time is spent collecting and processing materials including trees and deadfall that will be cleared to make way for construction of commercial buildings, housing and roads.

We are "Creating New Life from Salvaged Old-Growth Timbers" by giving these salvaged timbers a "new life" as one of a kind, custom creations.  The credit for the one of a kind creations must go to "Mother Nature", as she is mostly responsible for the results.  To see the complete collection of our materials, a visit to our Design Studio is highly recommended.

Below are some of the photos of raw materials we have collected.

An old deadfall sycamore on a farmers ground that would just be pushed into a gully to rot. The magnificent root on the same sycamore.


A collection of deadfall cedar stumps and roots.  Many of the roots are able to be pulled from the thin soil found in the glades.  Most of this glade had already been cleared for an area slated for development. A trailer load of the salvaged cedar roots and stumps.


A mock up of a table base using collected cedar root deadfall. A standing dead sycamore tree that was requested to be removed by a land owner for safety reasons.
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